Any tips for a sustainable wedding?

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    All suggestions welcome – from caterers to flowers, I want to know it all!


    Share your suggestions below or ask any questions you have!


    I follow Sinead O’Sullivan on Instagram and she made her ENTIRE wedding incredibly sustainable in a really cost-effective way, would definitely recommend people check her out: 

    Taz KelleherTaz Kelleher
    Taz Kelleher

    For dresses, theres a fab charity shop in Dun Laoighre, I think it’s Barnardos, that have a whole upstairs of second hand wedding dresses <3


    We had a low impact, back-garden wedding for 130 people in 2017. It was such a laugh and was nice to know we weren’t creating loads of waste along the way!

    Main things we did:
    – Borrowed marquees from family and friends. Borrowed tables and chairs from local community centre (for free but we gave a donation to say thanks!!)

    – My cousin, a chef, cooked up a storm on a huge barbecue that we got made by a local welder from an old oil drum. We’re both vegetarian so he did plenty of meatless options and then my fella’s uncle gifted a lamb from his farm which was cooked for meat-eaters (cry face). He calculated meticulously so there was little to no food waste. All of the food was seasonal and as local as possible!  I made the cake and we also made Rhubarb Champagne for the reception rather than bubbly – it was delicious (and strong!!!).

    – We foraged greenery and flowers for tables/bouquets from our hedgerow and garden (grew a few bits from seed but not much!). We just popped them into jars on tables and they looked great!

    –  My mam made my wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses so no fast fashion there! She also made bunting for the marquee from ends of material – it looked amazing and we have it now to use at parties/bbqs.

    – Instead of favours, which are often left behind and wasteful, we made a donation to our local animal shelter.

    – We used compostable bamboo plates and bowls for dinner, and then borrowed cutlery and glasses from family and friends!

    – We borrowed signs/decorations/lanterns from friends who had accumulated wedding decorations over the years (it’s amazing what people have in their attics!)


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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