Anja Zauers

July 21, 2020

Cutting down on plastic: #Plasticfree swaps worth trying

Cutting down on plastic: #Plasticfree swaps worth trying

Anja Zauers

July 21, 2020

With Plastic Free July having come and gone, we decided to put together a little guide on how you can continue to cut down your use of plastics. From kitchen to bathroom essentials, we show you some easy and accessible daily swaps you can make to help you on your path to a plastic-free lifestyle.

Plastic pollution

Beauty swaps

You would not believe the range of choice that is available when it comes to zero waste skincare options out there at the moment. For something that promises to enhance our skin’s natural beauty, there’s a degree of irony in the realisation that there’s nothing natural about most skincare products. Luckily with more and more retailers introducing zero-waste products to their shelves, you’ll be sure to find something suitable that will leave your skin with that healthy sustainable glow with a quick search.

Green Outlook is just one of our favourite Irish businesses selling a range of zero waste products including, but not limited to shampoo bars, deodorant bars, moisturisers and face masks! Following on from that, White Witch Connemara also offers a bunch of organic and ethical plastic-free skincare including skin balms and conditioners infused with wildflowers, rosehip seed and fig.

Shampoo Bar

Bathroom swaps

Swapping out your bathroom plastics might actually be one of the easier swaps. With so many alternatives out there such as toothbrushes, razors, and even tampons you’ll be surprised at what small changes you can make to help reduce your plastic intake.

Dublin-based sustainable living store The Kind has a range of eco-friendly products for the bathroom such as natural loofahs, coconut fibre soap rests, vegan shaving brushes, stainless steel razor blades and bamboo toothbrushes to name but a few. Whilst you needn’t throw out every plastic item you have loitering around your sink and replace them with these “eco alternatives”, purchasing them as required will be sure to help you cut down on your use of unnecessary plastics on a gradual basis.

Bamboo toothbrush

Kitchen swaps

With so much plastic hidden in our homes, it can be easy to forget about how much of it we consume through our food and kitchen habits. It’s only when you take a step back and notice of the sheer amount of plastic, oil-based, man-made, energy-intensive products on your counter top and in your bin (often the general waste bin), that it starts to become clear that change is needed. 

First things first? Stop buying those single-use plastic shopping bags. In this day and age they are truly sacrilege. Keep a reusable carrier bag in an easily-accessible spot (eg hanging on the back of the hall door/ in your backpack/ in your car/ under the sink) so that you can quickly grab it as you head out. 

Next up, utensils. Again, only buy as you need (there’s little point in throwing out items that as serving you, even if they are made form plastic), but when you do need a new spatula, spoon, cookie cutter or the likes, try opt for metal or wooden items rather than plastic. Not only will this help the environment but it will also ensure you’ll have none of those nasty plastic toxins in your food.

Try swap out your cling film for reusable or compostable wrapping which you can find at the Little Green Shop and many other Irish stores. The more adventurous amongst us might even consider making their own beeswax wraps!…

Bamboo cutlery

Out-and-about swaps

A big on-the-go swap you can use is to invest in a reusable bottle and/ or cup. You would be surprised at how much unnecessary plastic bottles we go through in a year, let a alone a lifetime!!… However this is something many take of us for granted, so if you are someone who still buys plastic bottles, do consider investing in a reusable alternative. oney saver and 

You’ll save a heap of penneys in the long run and will be doing your part to curb plastic consumption as you go!

Following on from that, switching to metal or paper staws (or these newly-launched grass straws!) majorly helps out the environment – specifically the marine life who frequently ingest plastic straws. One stainless steel straw can eliminate the need for hundreds of plastic ones, that, plus once again you are not requiring the release of all those toxic chemicals and fuels that go hand-in-hand with plastic production.

For more info out Go Zero which assists its consumers in reducing their plastic consumption and offers advice for people looking to take the next step to a zero-waste lifestyle.