Sarah Hanrahan

May 27, 2020

Sarah Hanrahan (@icomeundone) on why charity shops are the way to go

Sarah Hanrahan (@icomeundone) on why charity shops are the way to go

Sarah Hanrahan

May 27, 2020
Perhaps you’ve already dipped your toe into the world of charity shopping or, have heard all about the sustainable benefits of shopping second hand but aren’t quite sure how to go about it… Whatever stage of the secondhand spectrum you lie on, Sarah Hanrahan (@icomeundone) is setting out to convince you that chazzas are the way to go.
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While sustainability is an excellent motive to opt for pre-loved clobber, there are so many more amazing reasons to veer towards charity shops; below are some of my faves.

You can take far more risks

The price point of clothes in charity shops means you don’t have to  put so much thought into every purchase. Of course this doesn’t mean buying up half the shop (too much of what we need is still too much of what we need, ya know?) *but* the relatively low cost means there’s more scope to veer away from the usual, more “safe” garb and go wild with that epic technicolour kimono and those disco booty shorts… even if we think we’ll only brave them for our once-yearly festival adventures.

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You can hone your personal style

Whilst high street shops offer a variation of whatever happens to be ‘in’ that season, charity shops can hold the possibility of individual gems from any era. This means you can embrace what *you* like, not just what you’re being told to like. The more comfortable you get with charity shopping, the more you’ll discover what clothes you truly love; what shapes, what era etc. Charity shopping has allowed me to discover a love for 90’s mom jackets and men’s vintage golf shorts (so chic and the perfect high waist fit), both of which I wouldn’t have had access to without our wondrous charity shops.

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You can save on work clothes (and all clothes, tbh)

Buying work clothes can be dull and expensive… until you discover the amazing array of work-suitable clothing available in charity shops. There’s often a misconception that charity shops offer a limited ‘type’ of clothing or clothing that’s generally in quite a worn condition but you’ll find this to be completely untrue once you dive in. And the more you save on mid-week work attire, the more you have left for your weekend shenanigans.

You don’t have to worry about twinning with someone

Shopping for formalwear can be a nightmare at the best of times as people look to the high street’s limited stock then fear someone else rocking up in the same gúna come the big day… Opting for a charity shop showstopper is a great way to avoid that scenario all together. What’s more, one of the biggest issues with formalwear is this idea that items can only be worn for one occasion; problematic for a whole host of reasons, the positive is that charity shops are heaving with once-worn-good-as-new dresses just raring for their second night on the tiles.