Bronagh Loughlin

July 14, 2020

Our cruelty-free cleaning product recommendations

Our cruelty-free cleaning product recommendations

Bronagh Loughlin

July 14, 2020
Scroll on to read our favourite animal-friendly, cruelty-free cleaning products. Sprays, soaps and all that good stuff; these items all brig about the same shiny results, just without any of the animal cruelty.


First on our list is Astonish. Available in most supermarkets, this brand has all kinds of products to clean your home, from your everyday kitchen cleaning products to laundry detergent and products to freshen up your car. What’s more, the packaging ranges from recyclable to biodegradable, so it gets extra brownie points on that front.

Lily’s Eco Clean

Next up is Lilly’s Eco Clean. Easily recognisable from the aisles of Aldi and many healthfood shops, this is a solid go-to for those wanting their lifestyle to be as cruelty-free and eco-friendly as possible, without breaking the bank. They sell a diverse range of products including cleaning soaps and sprays, laundry products, sponges and compostable bags. They also sell 5 litre refills which means you can just fill up your small bottles if you want to reduce waste. Lilly’s Eco Clean products are made of natural ingredients and essential oils which leave the house smelling *zesty fresh*.

Winni’s Naturel

Winni’s Naturel is another cruelty-free cleaning brand I swear by, which you can find in Dunnes Stores or online. What is really cool about this brand is that they use natural alternatives to the traditional heavy-duty cleaning chemicals. They are also incredibly transparent; listing out the ingredients that each product contains, explaining what each ingredient is used for (and whether it is plant-derived or not), how it was extracted and manufactured, the packaging etc.


Ecover are another brand that you probably recognise as they are sold in most supermarkets. Their product line ranges from cleaning products, laundry, dish washing and general household. Made of natural ingredients, they genuinely smell gorgeous and are dermatologically tested to ensure it is suitable for people with sensitive skin types. They also use sustainable packaging and have a “clean factory” whereby they divert 98.1% of waste away from landfill.

Carlsberg don’t do cleaning products, but if they did…


If you want to use some cleaning products that are cheaper than the other brands I have mentioned but are still cruelty-free, you could try out some Aldi cleaning products. Aldi sells a few different cleaning brands and strongly believes that household cleaning products should not be tested on animals.

Note: If you are unsure as to whether a cleaning product brand sold in Aldi is definitely cruelty-free, just have a look at the product and you will see whether they have the bunny logo or not.

To Sum It All Up.. 

We know it can be tough to find out which products are cruelty-free, so hopefully this feature will set you on course. Remember, do not throw out all your non-cruelty-free cleaning products – you can always reuse the containers in a refill/ zero waste shop, or even as planters for herbs and small flowers.