Taz Kelleher
July 14, 2020

RECIPE: This zero waste vegetable stock is perrrfect for soups

RECIPE: This zero waste vegetable stock is perrrfect for soups

Taz Kelleher
July 14, 2020

Taking zero waste cooking to a whole new level.

This stock recipe is one of the most versatile things I make. I add it to almost everything I cook from soups to curries to give it that extra *KICK*. 

In your fridge or freezer keep a big lunchbox and label it ‘scraps for stock’, every time you mince garlic, peel a carrot or chop an onion throw the skins, odds and ends into this lunchbox. Once the lunchbox is full, you have all you need to make a delicious stock. This is a basic recipe but honestly, use whatever you have! If you have a courgette that’s getting a little slimy, throw her in – same goes for all veg. This is the ultimate way to ensure you never throw out an item of veg again!


2 onions

3 cloves of garlic

3 carrots

2 stalks of celery

Lunchbox of peels and other vegetable bits

Fresh herb (literally whatever you have on hand)


  1. Heat a large pot over medium heat. Add a good splash of oil, onion, garlic, carrots, and celery.  Sauté for about 5 minutes or until softened and slightly browned, stirring frequently.
  2. Throw in all other peels and vegetable bits and give a good stir.
  3. Add herbs in whole and increase heat to medium high until the mixture comes to a boil. Once boiling, reduce heat to a simmer and leave for at least an hour, more if possible
  4. Near the end of cooking, taste and adjust flavor as needed, adding more herbs for herby/earthy flavor, salt for saltiness, pepper for a little spice, or tomato paste or nutritional yeast for “umami” and depth of flavor.
  5. Let cool slightly before pouring over a strainer into another pot. Leave to drip for about 10 minutes. Divide into storage container  and store in the refrigerator up to 5 days or in the freezer up to 1 month (sometimes longer). Perfect for use in soups, recipes, gravy, and more!