Taz Kelleher
August 1, 2020

Vintage finds and sustainable gems: What’s inside stylist Courtney Smith’s wardrobe

Vintage finds and sustainable gems: What’s inside stylist Courtney Smith’s wardrobe

Taz Kelleher
August 1, 2020

Courtney Smith is one of Ireland’s leading names in fashion. As a stylist and creative director she has been repping vintage and sustainable clothing since the infancy of her career. Here’s a sneak peak of some of her favorite sustainable pieces.

tie dye top

I am always on the hunt for new sustainable brands and last summer came across Ninety Percent on Net-A-Porter’s then new tab Net-Sustain which only supports sustainable brands. I adore this tie-tye bodysuit. The brand is a London-based label which vows to distribute 90% of its profits between those who make each collection happen and four charities. All products are made from sustainable fibers like organic cotton, recycled polyester and sustainable alternatives to conventional viscose (Tencel and EcoVera).


There’s nothing more sustainable really than prolonging the life of clothing already made, that’s why I love charity and vintage clothing… but my favourite still has to be my mum’s wardrobe. This peach Louis Feraud dress was actually even bought in a second hand store by my Mum in the 90’s, so we know it has had at least 3 leases of life. I love the fact that when I wear this I know nobody else will be wearing it too. 

pink dress


I like to look unique on the red carpet; I discovered Omra while researching red carpet styles for work. It is a relatively unknown demi-couture brand based in Turkey but all the collections are entirely sustainable materials such as pure silk and organic cotton, nothing is mass produced and items are hand-made to measure and made to order which is that slow fashion approach we need, so that clothing isn’t being unnecessarily made. 


I go sea swimming daily so wanted to find swimwear that made a difference. FISCH is eco-innovative label designed St. Barths. The entire collection is made from ECONYL ® – a 100% regenerated nylon fiber crafted from abandoned fishing nets and other types of nylon washed up in the sea. Each piece is handmade in Italy from fabric woven in Lombardy, to ensure the highest quality possible while helping to minimize their carbon footprint. 


I love the thrill of finding unique pieces in vintage and charity stores. I love Jean Cronin for occasion wear in Dublin. Spice Vinatge online for my Harley Tshirts and more casual pieces and of course when I travel I always go straight to the markets and vintage stores. The pink cowboy boots were a steal in an LA market for 30 dollars. My yellow linen blazer is Balamin and I got in in Oxfam for €50… still can’t believe it. 


I taught myself to sew aged 14 and was upcycling everything as a teenager and probably a lot more adventurous with my clothing back then too. I tend to use a seamstress now for my alterations but the power behind changing a garment in your wardrobe and giving it a new lease of life is incredible. You may never need to shop again if you can reimagine new outfits from what you already own!