Kuya Ken-Ken

July 27, 2020

What’s in my wardrobe: Sustainable streetwear with @childishkendino

What’s in my wardrobe: Sustainable streetwear with @childishkendino

Kuya Ken-Ken

July 27, 2020

“Hello MTV and welcome to my wardrobe”

Kuya Ken-Ken AKA @childishkendino is an Irish musician with the street-style of dreams. Here’s a sneak peak of some of his fave preloved gems.



  1. Carhartt Dungarees – This particular piece was found from an independent seller from Depop. Ever since I saw my first episode of PAQ, I fell in love with fashion in general. Although it has its recent controversies, I still look up to the cast of that show as an inspiration for my own style amongst other things, especially Shaquille Aaron-Keith. His love for dungarees manifested itself onto me and now I dream about them every night. So, of course, I had to cop the Carhartts.


Karl Kani Jeans – This one’s special to me as I am a big lover of the whole 90s aesthetic, and I’m a thicc dude, so loose jeans are a must for my collection. I found this hiding in a pile of worn out jeans in Dublin Vintage Factory, and I fell in love straight away. Yes, the button’s missing, and yes the zipper’s broken, but with a quick trip to my local tailor shop, I was drippin’ in no time.


Adidas Jumper – This was one of my more recent additions, found in the Nine Crows Thrift Shop down in Baggot Street. It’s a very comfortable polo neck jumper with the classic 3 stripes down the sleeves, and a striking pearlescent blue colour. It shines the best during night time.

Vintage fleece


80’s Fleece Piece – This was one of my very first pieces of secondhand clothing (that wasn’t handed down to me from the family). I found it at a kilo sale held in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Dublin. I only had a tenner in my name at the time, so all I could get was this and two oversized Disney tees. Luckily, it was light enough to stay under budget and to this day, it remains to be one of my fave pieces from my wardrobe.


Rugby Shirt with diamond pattern – I bought this piece along with my adidas jumper shown previously. I do have to give credit where credit’s due, because I didn’t pick this out myself. My girlfriend did, and I am grateful! It features a subtle wool-like pattern, the diamond-chequered strip at the front, and my favourite shade of green. It’s still new, but I’ve already worn this a good few times.

Credit: Fortune Lago @fortunelago