Sarah Magliocco

July 23, 2020

A peak into Sarah Magliocco’s wardrobe: The OG sustainable queen

A peak into Sarah Magliocco’s wardrobe: The OG sustainable queen

Sarah Magliocco

July 23, 2020

‘Hello MTV and welcome to my wardrobe”

Sarah Magliocco is an enviable sustainable queen. A journalist and slow fashion advocate she proves how anyone can establish their own personal style through secondhand shopping.

Leather Jacket


This style of jacket has been languishing in the charity shops across Ireland for years until they became a huge trend last summer. My friend let me know that one of my favorite charity shops – Casa in Phibsborough – had a huge cache of them, and when I arrived there this was the last one left and happened to fit perfectly – success! It’s a little bit damaged but I would rather have an authentic vintage piece in imperfect condition than a fast fashion copy. 

Vintage skirts


Charity shops are great places to find basics if you’re willing to do a tiny bit of tailoring. These skirts were vintage school uniforms I sourced in charity shops in the UK and Dublin, as well as Nine Crows Thrift Shop. I just needed to take them up to make mini skirts. I also have so much leftover plaid fabric from the reworks, which is perfect for making new pieces. 



Long or short, slip dresses are a handy AF wardrobe addition. I found all of these in charity shops and on Depop – the red one is from one of my fave American Depop stores @trollfunk. 

It’s hard to find charity shops that deal in nightwear and (unworn) lingerie, but once you do, they are a hot spot for sourcing slips that work really well as dresses or tucked into jeans. 

Harley Jumper


Harley Davidson is such an in-demand brand in vintage shops and often sell for huge sums of money, but I picked up this perfect condition sweatshirt on eBay for just €25. I know loads of people use eBay, but it’s such an underrated resource for finding unique vintage pieces for a fraction of what you would pay in a bricks and mortar vintage store. Of course with vintage shops you’re paying for the professionally curated stock, but if you’re willing to do the research work yourself on sites like eBay and Etsy it can save you a tonne of cash.  

Knitted Cardigan


This hand knitted piece turned up unexpectedly after I popped my head into a charity shop in Galway on a mad dash to catch the train back to Dublin. I sometimes think you find the best pieces when you’re not specifically looking. It was only €15 despite being handmade out of real wool. At the time I was trying to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe, and the vibrancy of the unique knitting pattern caught my eye. I often wonder about it’s backstory and who knitted it – one of the best things for me about shopping second hand is considering the history of the clothes.

Vintage clothing
Credit: Jude Manzano