Geraldine Carton
July 22, 2020

DIY: Quick and easy face masks to make at home

DIY: Quick and easy face masks to make at home

Geraldine Carton
July 22, 2020

Whilst the idea of everyone wearing face masks somewhat make us feel a little like we’re living in an apocalypse movie, it’s looking increasingly likely that wearing them will become the norm (if not an actual requirement).

As masks are in huge demand and needed most by those on the front, making your own is a really good way to keep yourself and your family safe, without preventing those available in pharmacies etc from getting to frontline workers.

The video and the full instructions are below. 


  • Source some (high thread count) cotton fabric; e.g. a sheet/ old t-shirt/ PJs etc.
  • Cut your template (width 20cm X length18cm) onto a card/ piece of paper
  • Cut X3 templates onto fabric
  • Measure EITHER X4 strips to tie around head (40cm each) OR X2 elastic strips to go around ears (14-17cm each)
  • Line up the front and back fabric squares and pin facing eachother
  • Pin ends of ties at the four corners about half cm in from edges
  • place third layer on top and pin again so that it doesn’t slip out of place when sewing

NOTE: Make sure the ties (X2 or X4) are not slipping out from under the fabric!

  • Using stem stitch/ sewing machine, sew a line about three quarters cm in from around the edges (go over the points where the ties are, as they will be pulled during use and need to be really secure), and leave a GAP of about 6cm open on one side
  • Once the 3-and-a-half sides are sewn closed, turn fabric inside-out through gap left open

NOTE: If you want to draw something on your mask, do it now!

  • Create X2 folds so that the length of either side of the mask is about 8cm, and pin
  • Sew along both sides – and voilà!

Things to remember:

  • Be sure that the mask covers both your nose and chin
  • Wash mask after each time you wear it
  • Keep using disinfectant on your hands and keep washing your hands
  • Learn to smize 😉